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Poem: For this is love

Updated: May 31, 2021

Only you

I see this now

With new eyes

Waiting, only waiting

All my life

For you

For this is love

Where every step was a direction to

Your heart

Beating steadily for me

A drumming ceremony

A native welcome

For this is love

Around the globe I ventured

Little pins on a well-trod map

To find my home

To find

Only you

For this is love

The hat I lay down where they said I’d find my home

Was all along not in some distant land

It was simply

Stitched into your smile

I found you

It’s only you

For this is love

Now I’ve found my home

I will be a tortoise

Carry you on my back

As I roam near and far

How could I leave you behind?

For this is love

Whenever the journey gets too tiresome

We will curl up together and rest

Only you

I see this now

For this is love



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