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Poem: Warning Squatters

Updated: May 31, 2021

If you come into my home at night Thinking you are out of sight

I have no compassion for you or your kind Even if you’re excited with what you may find

You may think you deserve life on this earth But I find you have too grandiose a worth

From creature lover, vegetarian I will become your barbarian

With your promises of allergic rashes My only desire is to send you to ashes

You may live for a week without your head But I am not willing to wait, I want you dead

You’ve dodged the maze of naphthalene balls And all other anti-cockroach pitfalls

Do not cross me, my feet or my fears I do not consider you one of nature’s little dears

Run if you see me, I’ll give you a head start I will freeze at first, with extreme beating of heart

But be clear, critters, you are not welcome in these lands I will always ensure with outstretched hands, You will die. (Sorry.)

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