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Travels with my camera

Whenever I can, I capture the spirit of my travels around the world. The kindness of strangers especially thrives when travelling solo. A simple smile has opened many doors, forging memories, and friendships of a lifetime. Join me on my journey!

Community spirit

A six month voluntary experience in India at the age of seventeen catapulted me into my passion for people and planet. I discovered a desire for a better and more conscious way to live. Something itched. More than my mosquito bites. It was my conscience.

Let’s fast track to today in an age where climate change is one of the biggest threats to humankind and overtourism is exploiting our environment and communities. How do I justify my love of travel and desire to connect? I don't. 


I appreciate that travel remains a privilege. I try to travel responsibly and slowly as I believe that when done considerately, travel has the power to open all our minds and hearts. Stepping away from what we think we know and being challenged is an incredible education that inspires positive action and change. More to come on this soon!

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