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Poem: Rebellion Resolution

Updated: May 31, 2021

As the nights shorten

As I age, hesitantly older

I cast my head right, left 

Less to the angels on my shoulder

As darkness descends I listen close

A tinny, sharp voice from within

It's the streetwise kid narrating

The fighter I've always been

You may say it's the devilish voice

The Satan chime and cry 

Yet it's the rebellion song that's kept me going 

The one that doesn't die

A call to action, heeded with trust

Pulls me by the hand, states that I must

It guides me to the light, a world of unfolding beauty

It finds for me by daytime

A sense of civic duty

I find my goodness and my angel intact

An ascended state

From the Eve's mirror cracked 

I need both seasons

I am the dark, and the light

With equal time

Clouds pass, sun in sight 



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