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Poem: Where time stood still

Updated: May 31, 2021

You stood there 

Looking at me 

Head cocked 

Eyebrow raises

What's that sound?

A drum beating

Vibrating into, through me

I veer my eyes

At the floor

The drum


Drowning out the rest of the world

From my ears

You slowly, cautiously, move towards me

I consider moving back

But I am frozen


Frozen to the ground 

You're close now 

And the drums are stretching

Out into expanse 

That is so wide, so...

Is it hot in here?

There's two drummer bands beating 

I feel your breath breeze on my face

I feel a soft caress on my earlobe 

"I won't make the first move."

Everything goes silent.

The drums have stopped.

The atmosphere has imploded

I grapple for air

And find my lips on yours

An oxygen tank

Breathing the world into me

I'd been dying all this time 

I never knew 

The place where time stood still

Became the only place

I would ever visit again 



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