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Poem: If I could tell you

Updated: May 31, 2021

Yes I'm intense

My mind fuelled with desire

Natural ecstasy

Holding back

my tongue, my thoughts, my thumbs

All we will do together

A picnic on a summers day

With the tickle of grass under bare feet

The sweet taste of berries on our lips

Watching the pirouette of ballerinas

Under golden gilded ceilings

The limelight dimmed

Crunching autumn leaves

Collecting conkers

In a park that holds our peace

A moonlit walk, hand in hand

The twinkle of my eyes in yours

Your cheek gently grazed by my lips

A four poster bed

My toes playfully on yours

Under crisp cotton sheets

A homely kitchen

Scented with the warmth of freshly baked bread

Kneaded together

A bird feeder swinging in the breeze

Of a garden where we watch

Our little feathered friends

Sandy white beaches

Where we lay and read poetry

To one another

Rich red mud that we

Push and pull, craft and mould

Into sculptures

A lovingly worn deck of cards

Sitting on a coffee table

Days of play and drinking herbal tea

Two yoga mats side by side

From mornings spent chanting,

Breathing, moving, in unison

Patches of green leaves, root vegetables

From where we are nourished

Season to season

Welly boots clad

with old leaves and twigs

From sacred forest walks

Yes I'm intense

Which is why I won't tell you

All we will do together

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