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Poem: A Spot

Updated: May 31, 2021

Now I know what love is

It does not stand on ceremony 

To a fanfare of drums and regal colours

It does not dance 

A wild dance

To a wild song

Or a rapid heartbeat

It hums, hums to the 

Vibrations of the earth 

Lowly and humble

It peeks out from its cage

Anxiously, afraid

On tiptoes

Wanting to wander into the night 


It bursts and aches

Ebbs and flows


By the physical and the spiritual

The mental and the emotional 

The words and the space 

Now I know what love is

Only one weak spot 

Where your body feels hot

And icy 

Seeking an external thermostat 

A hug, a caress

Desired kisses

A simple weak spot that can 

Break you 

And make you 

Hurt you

Rebuild you 

A spot 

You can witness


Or ignore 

Walk away from 

Now I know what love is



A spot 

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