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Poem: Done with drama

Updated: May 31, 2021

I am

Done with drama

As a human


You know the type

Of drama I mean

If you don't then ask yourself if you are

A frenzied maracca

Shakes where stakes are high

If you are a

Dreamer and placeholder

A seeker and sleeper

If you are


You know the type of a drama I mean

The drama that keeps your head heavy

Your eyes wet

Your back hunched

Your voice fearful

The drama


That keeps you hiding in the wings

Rather than on the thrust stage

Shadows not lime light

It has taken thousands of miles

5,128 to be precise

Back and forth



Crunched up

Squeezed into an airline seat

For a simple realisation

Amidst the chaos is calm

Amidst the calm is chaos

Amidst the chaos is calm

Amidst the calm is chaos

An entire forest cannot console the tears

Or soothe a beating angsty pulse

An entire ocean cannot take away cruel words

Fields upon fields have no use for hate

But in a bustling metropolis that doesn't once hush

Hammering sounds, beeps and barks

A breath can be calmed

A smile can be found

There are smiles with eyes

Love through hugs

A stillness


Amidst the chaos is calm

The calm comes from the faces

The faces I choose

The faces

That choose me

I now seek

Eyes that are etched

with the same three words

That my macula holds

Done with drama



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