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Poem: The Womb

Updated: May 31, 2021

I think about where I first grew

Your womb, my navel attached to you

As I curled and spread, before I knew

What was it like, I wish to know

Did you get mood swings feel high and low?

Carrying me in your stomach 

Did it feel like luck?

Were you excited for me? For us?

Did you go around making a fuss?

Did you know I'd be your favourite girl?

With queasy mornings, with every hurl?

That you would always want me so close in your heart?

So much so you would spend time making fabrications, lies that I could never tell apart?

Did you think this your chance to shine?

Or were you already thinking about wine?

When you felt me kick or my heart beat hard

Did you want to protect us both, be the guard?

As I grew inside of you

Did you dream your life would be so blue?

I hope not mum, I hope you felt a gift

A love that never dies, knows no thrift.

I hope you thought it would be better than what we lost

And maybe in a parallel universe, perhaps it was.

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