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Poem: Space

Updated: May 31, 2021

I found my space

I have found my space

I look around

At the white walls

 Ceiling to floor

At the... space

I have found my space


It was there

Waiting for me

With a tag wrapped around 

In swirly serif handwriting

Bold and smiling

With my name on it 

From that tormented teen

Dreaming of the time

To achieve some quiet

Crying crying

Music blaring my choice

Thinking I was claiming ground 

Brimming out past my bedroom door

Into the dark hallway

But I was merely blocking

Noise with noise

Angst with angst


With pain

I have found my space

And today it is


Birds twitter twitter nearby

Music floats through the sky

The whir of a washing machine

Crescendos to its finale

All for an audience of one

All for me

I have found my space

From a desk ruled

By others words

Controlling my attention 


Piled high with papers

With papers of garbled messages

Missed opportunities, unimportant importance

I have found my space

And today it is clear

Pencil waiting 

Solid oak, empty

A naturally welcoming path 

For ideas, dreams, infinite wisdom

Empowering and giving 

Giving me the moment


I realise

My space

It was always there

Always... hiding 



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