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Poem: Seeing Stars

Updated: May 31, 2021

Thought I’d call you for a chat mum ‘Cos it was your birthday today Knew you’d been at it ‘cos… ‘Cos you weren’t sounding glum

In fact you talked for an age Rambling on nonsensically And no, we weren’t on the same page

For ten minutes we had a one way chat

You slurred on and on I twiddled my thumbs, just sat… Sat listening till you realised it was me Not my sister who you were talking at

I asked you if you got my gift I spent hard cash this year, no thrift Pondered carefully on what you liked Forgetting that it’s a drink fully spiked

I bought you a named star Pity really – you’d no idea Too long spent at your personal bar

Though a wish might do you good Something shiny to look up to When in your dark wood

We don’t talk often, see each other less You wonder why mum? When you’re always such a mess?

I know what your poison is Booze makes you happy Then makes you hiss

A real conversation is what I miss

I just wish one day we could really chat Maybe for that you’d give up the piss

We could talk mum and daughter stuff Not sure what that is actually Boys and household tips, that kind of fluff

Maybe I’d share my new India life The wonderful days, the moments of strife

I’m a dreamer, I totally get it, I do My childhood wish upon a star Won’t ever come true



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