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Poem: Princess

Updated: May 31, 2021


I feel like a princess

Even when My hair’s a mess

The morning dew has dried Before I stumble from slumber

Haphazard teeth brushing Scrappy tee shirt, bikini tied Splash Water on face

Awake! Princess comes alive

Where the universe leans towards me Ushering in my every desire

Breakfasts served on natural jewels Giant banana palms laden with Chutneys and sambar

Splash This time into a pool just for me Over where the sun rises I’ll gulp down masala tea

Ruminating over the day ahead What a packed schedule once I’ve stumbled from bed

Spa, small pool, big pool, Lunch, Spa, cruise Butterfly watching Whilst others do things for me I play the court jester fool

A Princess! Ahh, so special I feel With every single coconut lagoon meal I’m going to overdose On the rice pancakes and banana fry Sinking tummy on a jaggery high

Princess, I may not be But the opinion stays With the treasures I see

I don’t need the Queen of England’s beagle Experiences, yes! Make me feel regal

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