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Poem: Last Drop

Updated: May 31, 2021

I did it today, Mum

I did it for you

Poured the last drop 

Down the drain.

A usual favourite spot 

Of yours

Under the sink

Tucked right at the back.

I saw the plastic bag

But the stash of wine

Still took me by surprise.

I had almost forgotten

The game we used to play

Your hide, my seek

For your poison.

But today I did it, mum.

When dad wasn't looking 

I took it out of its plastic bag

And poured it down the drain.

Every last drop. The final one.

I wanted to cry

Tears wouldn't come

Not then, but now

With only the dark sky

I feel your absence.

You struggled with long nights.

Now I know why.

Silence and emptiness.

It's tragic you lost, but I'm glad

Our game is over.



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