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I first appeared on TV upside down pretending to be a choking toddler on BBC One's Save a Life. By seven, I was  in the press dressed as Goldilocks. Since then I've been in the media shown cuddling a newborn baby during the Kenyan crisis of 2007; writing about Livia Firth's red carpet wardrobe, and commenting on responsible travel. I still have all the clippings. Here are some of the publications I've been featured in within the past decade.


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At Sublime magazine, we have always been delighted with the 'must-read' quality and freshness of Jen's writing. She is evidently someone who is infinitely curious about the world and those who inhabit it, and inhabit it with purpose. Her writing has colour and immediacy, and it takes you by the hand and says, 'Come with me and share this trip I've just been on! You'll love it'. I have no hesitation in recommending her to you.

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