There are many lovely friends in my world, and so I thought I would share a few with you.

I’m going to keep changing this, so keep your eyes posted here. This is only a small selection and I’m happy to share more if you wish to contact me directly!

And, if  you think you should be on my friends list and you’re not featured, please don’t get mad, but do give me a nudge.

Magpie Design Industries: This is my sister Steph’s lovely eco furniture and interior design business.

Foundation Agency: What legends - my savvy and sassy friends Rosie & Jules have a fab ethical fashion wholesale, PR & consultancy.

Green Guide: My book publishers…they also sell the fab ecoescape!

Sublime Magazine: It all started with a trip to Andalucia and is now my current favourite design-led sustainable magazine and I’m honoured to write for them.

New Consumer: Where my ethical lifestyle publishing began. It’s got a massive chunk of my heart.

Greenmystyle: I love this site for daily, glossy green news, when I’m not contributing myself!

Hand Up Media: My friends and former colleagues Tania and Katie have this fab bespoke publishing business.

Squareink: My friend and former colleague Patricia who designed this lovely site and my logo.

Eco Fashion World: I love the international fashion focus of this site.

Solstus: My friend Rowena is selling some lovely funky fair trade recycled goods - taking Mexican design to a new level!

Beautiful Soul: I met beautiful soul herself Nicola in the pub and have been mates and admired her gorgeous vintage kimono designs ever since.

Spring Consultancy: The lovely Anna Guyer offers fab ethical consultancy services.

Ethical Junction: What a lovely network of people! So many inspiring friends are part of this.

Cambrian Press: Possibly the greenest printers out there and have done a fab job with my vegetable ink, reycycled paper Green Guide books - thanks!

Adili: When I’m not scouting the vintage and charity shop scene I do buy a lot of my new clothes from here.

Love Lula: A personal favourite for my organic and natural beauty buying.

Off to the circus: Pune, India 2002